Ph: (03) 9887 6666
"This is a great restaurant with lovely food. I have ventured here several times. It is popular, so you will need to book for a Saturday night a couple of weeks in advance. Service is good and food is delicious!"
Entrée Menu
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Freshly made selection of Middle Eastern Dips served with warm Turkish and Lebonese bread $16.00
Homemade falafel served with tahini and pickles $14.00
Filo pastry filled with minced chicken and pine nuts, served with hummus $15.00
Fried haloumi cheese, garnished with stewed Persian figs $15.00
Pan seared scallops with sujuk sausage and citrus glaze $18.50
Deep fried fish fillets layered with a falafel crust $18.00
Grilled lamb krafta with tabouli and labnee $15.00
Grilled spicy Lebanese sausages with a touch of lemon and garlic, served with hummus $15.00
Grilled okra beans with a tomato and caper salsa, topped with feta cheese $16.50
Platter of marinated olives, feta and shankleesh cheese, served with warm Lebanese and Turkish bread $14.50
Mezza platter: a selection of entrees for two people $39.00
Chickpea and Fava Beans Paté $14.50
Grilled, thinly sliced, marinated strips of chicken on smoked eggplant puree $16.50
Marinated, char grilled prawn cutlets on skewer $19.50