Main Course


A tasty, ever-changing selection of Eastern Mediterranean delicacies, served in a traditional manner

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Market fish of the day, grilled, served Lebanese style with garlic, walnut salsa, pinenuts and tahini


Char-grill kebab of eye fillet, served with potatoes, vegetables and minted yogurt


Stuffed Lebanese Kibbi, made to a traditional recipe, served with roasted vegetables and yogurt


Grilled chicken kebabs, served with tabouli salad and rice pilaf


Lamb backstraps dusted with Dukka spices, roasted and served with lentil rice and chickpea pilaf and tomato and yogurt sauce


Slow cooked tagine of goat, chickpeas and eggplant, served with rice


Roasted spitchcock flavoured with lemon, garlic and thyme, served with potatoes and mushrooms


A platter of delicious Mezza style vegetarian dishes


Seafood tagine: a mix of fresh seafood flavoured with mild Middle Eastern spices


Vegetarian tagine: a mix of seasonal vegetables and dates, cooked in a saffron broth, served with rice


Roasted ocean trout fillet with a prawn falafel fritter and herb Sharmoula


Slow cooked ox check with a spicy stew of Pearl Cous-cous


Side Dishes

Fatouche salad with toasted pita bread finished with a lemon and mint dressing


Traditional Tabouli salad


Sauteed mushrooms with spinach and garlic


Deep fried potatoes dusted with Dukka